Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wolf Update

Well, two down and I don't know how many to go. Abraham was here on Monday morning to check his traps. Rumor had it there was a wolf in one of them. Kenny's cousin road his 4-Wheeler down the logging road and saw it caught in the trap. Anyway we made Abraham promise that he would let us see it.

He brought it back about two hours later. Not a pretty sight. Apparently it had gotten caught shortly after he had checked the traps on Saturday and fought hard to get itself out. But, in the 90 degree heat, it didn't last long. By the time we seen it on Monday it was not pretty and very, very stinky.

It was another male, (hmmmm...I wonder why all the males are getting caught in the traps??? Abraham said, "Typical, just like humans, send the guy out to do all the work and sacrifice his life!") It had been a very beautiful animal, big, Abraham said it would have weighed in at about 100 lbs. This was not the wolf that got Buddy, this wolf was dark, lots of browns and blacks.

He has since checked his traps yesterday and there wasn't anything in them. He says that he will probably have to pull his traps this weekend, he will have to see what his boss says. We are hoping he gets a female or two before then.

Just a little trivia for you in case you are on Jeapordy or something like that. I asked Abraham what they bait the wolf traps with and he showed me a bunch of sticky bottles of all kinds of smelly things. Most of the bottles didn't smell bad, they smelt like spices of sorts. But there was one jar that he kept saying you guys don't want to smell this one and then he opened it up anyway. Kenny and I both tentitively put our noses towards it. Kenny was up wind, and I, unfortunately, was down wind and got a pretty good smell. It was ground up Bobcat! Abraham said that during Bobcat season trappers that get Bobcats have to turn the hide in to the DNR. They in turn take the hide and grind it up for traps. He says that he actually catches alot of Bobcats in the traps. Isn't that Cannibalism?


At 8:32 PM, Blogger JC said...

wow- 2 wolves and neither one of them were the ones that took Buddy. Pretty scarey- God really does have His hand on your family.


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