Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This is where we called home for three days. A cool little campsite on the West Shores of Lynx Lake Posted by Picasa

Notice who loaded her kayak and got out in the water first!!!! Posted by Picasa

My hero... Posted by Picasa

So this is what life is like with no kids! Posted by Picasa

Actually it was this big! David caught this fish, but Craig had to get the hook out of its mouth Posted by Picasa

I think the fish was this big! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Boundry Waters Trip

Well, we just got back from our 3rd Annual trip into the BWCA. And, since Craig is the writer in the group, I think I will let his newspaper article tell part of the story.

Outdoors for 8/30/06
Another trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness has come to a close and again I’m overwhelmed with the snapshots in my mind. Any trip to this pristine wilderness area leaves an impact on the traveler. It is one of the reasons that most go back time after time to search out the quiet of the wilderness and find out something about ourselves. There is a certain amount of challenge to the mind as well as muscle when you travel needing to carry all supplies on your back for at least portions of the trip. There are high points and low points, but ironically as we discussed past trips while we traveled this time, it is often the struggles you remember the most. Still fresh in my mind are the last two portages I did earlier today, they were by no means the longest of the day but they were struggles. The last was only 40 rods, but it climbs steeply from the Little Indian Sioux river to the parking area and I recall how the sweat ran off my brow with each step. We all made two trips up that last hill and it felt good to lay the gear down for the last time, but also a disappointment we were leaving so soon.
I’ve also come to the conclusion that coming out is always tougher then going in. The trip in you have the hopes and anticipations of beautiful sights, great food, and maybe even a trophy fish to catch. Coming back out it is the reality you are leaving a slice of heaven behind and returning to the world of phones, e-mail, news, and schedules to keep. In the Boundary Waters things slow down to the pace of nature. The sun rises and the birds and animals go about their day hunting and gathering and you in turn do very similar things. There are fish to try and catch, water to filter, firewood to gather, and meals to make. Often for me the trip boils down to one moment when you know you have had a special experience, one that will be staying in the corners of your mind for many years to come.
This trip was my annual kayak excursion with my good friends Colleen and Dave, marking our third year in a row we explored a different part of the Boundary Waters. This trip also included Jennifer, whom I introduced the wilderness to earlier this summer. (And yes she was sufficiently hooked and was eager to be getting back as well) We entered in the Little Indian Sioux River and paddled and portaged our way over 5 lakes and one river to the Shell, Heritage Lakes area. While this is a popular area we found a quiet little campsite on the west shore of Lynx lake that we ended up staying at for all three nights of our trip. Originally we talked of possibly moving about in this area of lakes, but we were so pleased with our camp we decided to stay there and venture out for day trips. It was at the campsite that my special Boundary Waters moment showed up. We were gathered around the campsite on Saturday evening watching the pieces of cedar we fed to the fire turn to ash. The sky was awash in stars that I’m convinced only shine this bright in the Boundary Waters when a different sound echoed through the night sky. The howling of wolves. Drifting across Lynx lake from somewhere off to the east the sounds kept coming in bursts. As quickly as they would start they would end as if all the animals knew their cue on when to be quiet. As these somewhat haunting sounds came across the lake and mixed with the starry night and crackling fire I had my special moment. That night slipping into sleep still half listening for the cries of the pack, I knew I was at a high point for the trip.
While listening to the howls of wolves can be somewhat disturbing for many people, the howls were heard were from at least one to two lakes away. Which provided a bit of a comfort for many of us. It was the next morning at six when the wolves began howling, yelping and yowling just across the bay from our campsite that caught a bit more of our attention. What was far away the night before was now just in our backyard and made our eyes pop open a little quicker then normal. But again as quickly as they started they stopped and we never heard from the pack again for the reminder of our trip. While we only heard the wolves we saw plenty of wildlife and even fried a few fish for dinner one night. All in all a wonderful trip with good friends, made even better by that one special moment.

I have to agree with Craig about the wolves. Even thought it is a sound I have been hearing out my bedroom window all summer, there is something about being sound asleep in a tent and hearing them just behind you.

I am happy because this was not out last trip in this summer. David and I are going to take Chance on his first Boundry Waters trip on the 16th. I got a permit for us to go in Entry Point #6 into Slim lake and camp for one nite. I think it will be fun and I hope that he enjoys it. There are lots of places for us to paddle and I guess the lake is really nice.

Unfortunately I came out of the Boundry Waters to a very sick little girl. She had a cold when I went in, but by the time I got out it had moved into something worse. Dr. Baldwin gave her Amoxicillen for an ear infection on Monday, but by Wednesday she was so lethargic that she could not stay awake. Her eyes would just roll back in her head and she had a fever of 101.5.

I spent Wednesday evening at the Clinic. Dr. Decker could not find out what was the matter with her and so he called the Pediatrician Dr. Cassingham. They did blood tests and chest xrays and everything came out fine so the pulled her off of the antibiotic. Thursday morning Dr. Baldwin called and said the Dr. Decker came and talked to her about Jordyn and that she wanted to see her. I took her in Thursday and Dr. Baldwin said she figured it was a Virus. She had a rash on her belly and Dr. Baldwin said that once the rash comes out the child starts getting better in about 24 hours. She was right. My little girl is on the mend.

This is all new to me. Chance has never been sick a day in his life. He will be 5 this spring and has never been on an antibiotic. It is scary having a sick child. Especially when the Dr. doesn't know what is wrong.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


OK, so I go to Subway in Duluth last weekend and I order my usual, 6" Monterey Cheddar Turkey Breast & Roast Beef no cheese. And, the girl behind the counter says to me, "I will have to charge you more for that sandwhich because we don't make it." At first I just stared blankly at her because I thought it was a joke. Then I realized she was serious and so I kind of shook my head and said, "fine, give me a Club (for those of you who are not connoisseurs (SP) of fine food that is my sandwhich with ham too) and I will just take the ham off!

So somebody help me out here. Wasn't the whole idea of Subway that you can get the sandwhich you want made fresh while you wait? Why would she have to charge me more to NOT put the ham on my sandwhich? Interesting!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Our Blessing

Our Bleassing
Day before yesterday David and I came home from Duluth and there was a message on our answering machine from Brian Redshaw. Neither David or I could place the name and had no idea what it was about. Since it was 10:00pm we called the number he left and found out it was the City of Hibbing. With all of the building we are doing and inspections that have been done, we thought it maybe had something to do with that.David returned Brian's call yesterday morning. Brian said that he and his wife breed Dautsen's (Weiner dog's) and that they wanted to give my sister a puppy from the litter that was born last Thursday. David called me and so I called Sandy. I wasn't sure how it was going to go over, I was hoping she would accept the puppy, but was afraid she would feel like she was trying to replace Buddy. I told her what Brian had to say and she started to cry. She said that she had been praying the past couple of days for a dog, but she told the Lord that she only wanted a Dautsen. She said that she figured there was no way because Dautsen's are very expensive and there is no way she could aford one. I gave her Brian's number and when she called me back she said she had to leave him three messages because she kept starting to cry and had to hang up and start over.Brian called her back and said that the puppy's were born on Thursday and they are in Indiana. He is going to email her a picture of the puppies and she can choose. I guess there are different kinds of Dautsens. Buddy was a red, and I guess there are a couple of different kinds in the litter. It will have all of it's shots and papers and he will get it here from Indiana when the time comes. I don't think that Brian and his wife will ever understand how wonderful this was to my sister. She lives alone and Buddy was a great companion. I am so thankful that there are people out there like Brian and his wife that listen to the Holy Spirit!I will post pictures of the puppies when I get them.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Birthday My Little Girl!!

Well, our little Jordyn Alexia is 1 year old today. I can not believe how fast time flies when you are watching it in kid years!!

It seems like just yesterday I found out we were having another baby and hoped against hope that it was a boy!

God has his ways of proving to us that we don't know whats best for us doesn't he!

I have to say, I love me litter girl and I wouldn't change her for anything in the world.


Wolf Update

Well, two down and I don't know how many to go. Abraham was here on Monday morning to check his traps. Rumor had it there was a wolf in one of them. Kenny's cousin road his 4-Wheeler down the logging road and saw it caught in the trap. Anyway we made Abraham promise that he would let us see it.

He brought it back about two hours later. Not a pretty sight. Apparently it had gotten caught shortly after he had checked the traps on Saturday and fought hard to get itself out. But, in the 90 degree heat, it didn't last long. By the time we seen it on Monday it was not pretty and very, very stinky.

It was another male, (hmmmm...I wonder why all the males are getting caught in the traps??? Abraham said, "Typical, just like humans, send the guy out to do all the work and sacrifice his life!") It had been a very beautiful animal, big, Abraham said it would have weighed in at about 100 lbs. This was not the wolf that got Buddy, this wolf was dark, lots of browns and blacks.

He has since checked his traps yesterday and there wasn't anything in them. He says that he will probably have to pull his traps this weekend, he will have to see what his boss says. We are hoping he gets a female or two before then.

Just a little trivia for you in case you are on Jeapordy or something like that. I asked Abraham what they bait the wolf traps with and he showed me a bunch of sticky bottles of all kinds of smelly things. Most of the bottles didn't smell bad, they smelt like spices of sorts. But there was one jar that he kept saying you guys don't want to smell this one and then he opened it up anyway. Kenny and I both tentitively put our noses towards it. Kenny was up wind, and I, unfortunately, was down wind and got a pretty good smell. It was ground up Bobcat! Abraham said that during Bobcat season trappers that get Bobcats have to turn the hide in to the DNR. They in turn take the hide and grind it up for traps. He says that he actually catches alot of Bobcats in the traps. Isn't that Cannibalism?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

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Somehow I just don't think Mist is as happy as Jordyn about this situation! Posted by Picasa

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Wolf Update #2

When David and Kenny went out last Saturday they didn't find any signs of wolves, but they did see bear tracks. My brother-in-law mentioned that he hadn't seen a bear track that big ever.
Friday morning Abraham Wolf came out and he said that the bear stepped pretty close to the trap and that he couldn't believe how huge the print was. They figure the bear will dress out around 400 lbs. So when does bear season start? Jenny tell Larry we got a big one for him!

Anyway, Abraham came out yesterday to check the traps and found that he had caught the male wolf! He said he was a huge animal, but that he had mange which made him skinny. The wolf that took Buddy did not have mange (I have no idea what that is, but I get the idea that it means they are loosing their hair for some reason), so they figure that was the female that took Buddy.

He caught the male in traps that he had set a ways behind our house on Bunker Road (it runs parallel to Anderson and it is the road that John Holman lives on whose calves were killed by the wolf). I guess he got the male and then left there to come check these traps and then went back there. While Abraham was over here, John saw the female go across the road when he went out to get his mail so she is still hanging around the area. No sign of the pups though.

Hopefully all will be well soon!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wolf Update

Buddy was never found. We walked the woods and searched with 4 wheelers Saturday, but never seen any sign of him or any blood. He was wearing a collar with a tag with mine and Sandy's phone numbers on it so it will be interesting to see if some day someone finds the collar in the woods and calls.

Sandy is doing OK, just missing her little friend.

Day before yesterday Dan Bergan came out and interviewed the family. He was going to run the story in yesterday's paper, but tried all afternoon to get ahold of the DNR to get their side of the story and no one ever returned his call so the story ran this morning.

Then, today a nice young (good looking for you young girls) guy showed up from the USDA. His name approprately enough, was Abraham Wolf! He went out back behind our house and all around the trails and fire roads back there with his 4-Wheeler. He came back saying there were a pair of wolves and pups back in there and that they had had a den in one of the gravel pits. I guess wolves are not in dens this time of year, they just wander. He said that although wolves taking family pets is not uncommon, this was. He said that usually a wolf will attack a dog for territorial reasons and those dogs are usually Labs or big dogs. Buddy was a weiner dog, I don't think that fits. He also said that sometimes it is because it is an easy prey. However if that was the case here, he would have grabbed Buddy and headed right into the woods to eat. This one walked a 1/4 mile down the middle of the road. So, he said that left him to the conclusion that Buddy was taken back to feed the pups.

After finding out where the wolves are and where there den was, he said he had to call his boss. He said there are many rules that have to be fulfilled before they can set traps. Usually the wolves have to be on the property of the person that is missing the pet (it is not) and the den has to be within so many miles of the occurance. He never told me what that was. But anyway, he got off the phone and said he had permission to trap them.

So he set out with traps in the back of his 4-Wheeler. I guess he set the traps along the road that the wolves had walked earlier today and he will come back tomorrow to see if there is anything in them. Timberwolves do not relocate well, so they have to kill any they trap. He will trap the parents and can not kill the pups if it is before August 27th. I have no clue why, my guess is that they probably will not survive on there own before that date, but after that date, they can kill them.

The whole thing is very sad. On one hand I feel bad about killing such beautiful creatures, and leaving pups to fend for themselves, but on the other hand, we can't have them stealing the family pets.

Last night Lilly Ann just about drove me nuts. There were dogs or brush wolves or coyotes out in the yard last night and I didn't dare let her out so she growled, wined and scratched on the doors until 2:00am.

Hopefully all will be back to normal (whatever that is) on Anderson Road.

Here is the question of the day, if there are so many Timberwolves, coyotes, brush wolves and Mt. Lions around here, how did Bill's body lay there for 15 months without being disturbed at all???? HMMMMM