Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Most Wonderful Thing

The most wonderful thing happened today!!! My front deck got moved back into place. I think I am more excited about this happening than I am just about anything that has happened with this house so far. The deck was carried through the air by the basement guy's digger last October and set in the front yard where it has proceeded to kill the grass and leave big ruts in the lawn. I couldn't even imagine how we were going to get it back into place. We wanted to pour a slab of concrete for the deck to sit on so that we didn't have to worry about weeds underneath it. Finally yesterday David was able to finish forming up the place and we poured the concrete yesterday afternoon. All went well, but there are a few little footprints and paw prints underneath the deck! But, the deck still had to be moved and we didn't know what we were going to do. I finally told David last night that we should just call Tom Gramanski (the guy who dug the basement) and see what he would charge to come back with the digger and carry the deck back into place.

Today my sister suggested that we call our neighbor Keith and see if his tractor could handle it. So Keith came over this afternoon with his son to scope it out. My cousin Thad happened to have stopped to chat and so they looked it over and decided with a few more guys they could carry it. So, a big thanks to my nephew's Wade, Chase & Nicholas, my cousin Thad and neighbor Keith and his son. They simply picked up the deck and carried it right to where it belongs. I can't believe something I worried about so much was so easy. God is so good.

Sorry about the pink picture. Our camera is on the fritz and this is the kinds of pictures it is taking.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

My little man! Posted by Picasa

Ready to walk down the aisle. Posted by Picasa

I don't know, what do you guys think, 20 years from now??? Posted by Picasa

I don't have words for this one!!! Posted by Picasa

The McCormack Family at Jill & Aaron's wedding. Posted by Picasa

I guess this is living in the country! We have 6 turkeys running around all of the time. I am not sure who they belong to, but obviously they like people.  Posted by Picasa

Happy Sort of Birthday to Jordyn

I am using that title because my little girl is actually due today! Thank you God that you didn't make me wait this long to meet her.

I am so happy to be able to update my blog finally!!! For those of you who don't know, I was in the hospital for 5 days last week. A week from yesterday I was really feeling sick and had a fever of 102. I called the nurse and she advised me to head for the Emergency Room. David took me in and the Doctor said he had no idea what was the matter with me, but he was going to admit me because of the fact that I had delivered a baby 2 1/2 weeks prior and because of the fever. He put me on an IV and sent me upstairs. To make a long story short, a couple of Dr.'s examined me throughout the weekend and didn't really know what to do with me. Dr. Baldwin came in on Monday, made her diagnosis, started me on different antibiotics and within two hours my fever had dropped and I was feeling better. Turned out I had Endimetreitus and Mastitus big words to say I had a couple of bad infections. Thank God they are gone. I guess the Endimetreitus can be fatal if not caught early.

Yesterday was a really nice day. Chance got to be in Aaron and Jill's wedding. He was the Ring Bearer and for his age and attention span, I think he did a pretty good job. He looked really cute in his Tux, I am so thankful that I was there to see it and not in the hospital delivering a baby or fighting an infection! Thanks Jill and Aaron for letting us be a part of your wedding!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Just wanted to update my blog. I don't think there is anything really interesting to tell, but here it goes.

We have been spending our time getting to know our new little girl. She is really doing good. I think she is gaining weight daily. She hardly ever cries and is content to just lay in her basinet and look around. Right now she has her days and nights kind of mixed up. During the day she sleeps most of the time and eats about every 4-5 hours. During the night she kind of likes to be awake and eats every 2-3 hours. I personally will be happy when that gets turned around. It seems like I just get back to sleep and I here her sucking on everything in sight. It is funny how as a mom you wake up at the slightest sound.

David got most of the trim up on the windows in the living room and that looks really good. Tonight he is working on getting the pad level where the deck is going to go. We need to pour concrete, but we only need 2 1/2 - 3 yards. We are hoping to tack our order on to my cousin Thad's so that we don't have to pay extra for such a small load. It sure will be nice to get the front deck back into place. I am so sick of having it in the middle of the front yard.

As you can see, Jordyn has no trouble relaxing! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Baby Update

I took Jordyn into the Dr. this morning for her check-up. She has gained 9 oz in 3 days. Dr. Baldwin was amazed. She kept saying, "What have you been feeding this kid"? Anyway, she is getting rid of the Jaundice with all of the food that is passing thru her and looking alot better.

I asked her about the breathing thing and she listened to Jordyn's lungs. She said everything sounded fine and that sometimes baby's lay in a way that there throat makes a snoring sound and that is probably what it is. As long as it isn't happening all the time, nothing is seriously wrong. I was very thankful to hear that.

Thank you all for asking how she is doing and for all of the wonderful clothes. My sister-in-law from Michigan sent up a package and I think it had 15 items of clothes in it. I told her she was way out of control, but they are so adorable and lots are premie size so she fits them perfectly right now. Thanks Aunti Teri

Chance swallowed a quarter yesterday, so we are patiently waiting for that to come out the other end. Yippee hey! Serves him right, he was laying on the floor with the quarter in his mouth. David told him to take it out and never put it back in. He took it out and preceeded to pretend he was going to put it in again. David scolded him and he popped the quarter right back in his mouth. David reached for him and Chance jerked away, hit his head on the chair leg and swallowed the quarter. He was absolutely mortified. He started crying right away and as soon as David and I were sure the quarter had gone down and he wasn't going to choke, we were laughing at how upset he was. Now he is waiting for it to come out.

I saw the most horible thing this afternoon. I was walking down the sidewalk and I happened to look over by the garbage can and I saw this little frog up in the air. I couldn't figure out what was going on so I got closer. When I got a little closer I saw a yellow thing at the back of the frog. I couldn't figure it out so I got closer. A gardner snake had eaten half the frog and the other half was sticking out of it's mouth. Yuck!! Those are the kinds of things I turn the channel on. I made an attempted to get the frog out, but then decided it would be worse for it if I did. So I waited awhile and then looked and the snake had eaten the whole frog and it was moving down it's belly. That was kind of cool, as long as I didn't have to think about it being a frog!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Safe in my brother's arms. Posted by Picasa

My Little Girl

Just wanted to do an update on my little girl. If you think of it, please say a prayer for her. I took her into the Dr. yesterday because she was so week and jaundice. As of 4:00pm yesterday she had urinated once since 3:00pm the day before. Not good. She was supposed to be going at least 6 times a day.

Anyway, Dr. Baldwin said that I was to go home and get calories in her any way possible, nursing, pumping and feeding with a bottle, or formula. She said that she would call me later that night and find out if we were able to get food in her. Otherwise she would have to go into the hospital and be put on an IV. Praise God, I got her home and had milk in the freezer that I had been storing. I was able to get 4 oz in her right away and David got another 3 in her by 8:30pm. Dr. Baldwin called at around 9:00pm and said that as long as we had gotten that much in her she would not have to go in the hospital. She is still jaundice, but I do notice that the whites of her eyes are white today and not yellow.

While her jaundice and feeding is getting better, I am still concerned about her breathing. She will see Dr. Baldwin on Thursday, unless I can't stand to wait that long. Please pray that God will touch her and any problem that is there (if any). Also, my hope was that I would be able to nurse her, but please pray that I can supply enough milk thru the pump to feed her as long as I did Chance.