Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Updates (boring hey!)

Well, nothing new on Bill. The Police pulled up steaks on Friday and have not been back. All the yellow police tape is still there blowing in the breeze. I don't suppose they have to tell us what they find out, but I sure hope that they do. If so, I will keep you posted.

I took my little girl into the Dr. today. Turns out instead of a diaper rash on her bottom for the past month, she has had a really bad yeast infection. Boy do I feel terrible. I can't believe that I didn't catch on to that more quickly. Not only is it on her bottom now, but on her hands and in her mouth. Yuck hey.

On a lighter note, she is now 16lbs 2 oz and 26 inches long. She is in the 12 percentile for both height and weight. Who would have thought that I would have a little girl! Other wise she is doing beautifully.

Friday, April 07, 2006

On another note, here is our kitchen being taped and mudded. David and I caved. When we originally did this thing we were going to do it all ourselves. Then we decided to bite the bullet and hire out the rocking, mudding & taping in the living room and our bedroom. And we were going to do the kitchen because there wasn't that much of it. Then when it came time to do the kitchen it ended up being more than we thought and Paul did such a good job that we decided to call him back. Posted by Picasa

The saga continues. Bill was found 3 days ago and since then they have had a police watch on the house 24 hours a day. Yesterday the motorhome showed up and it is from the Bemidji Crime Scene. Today there is 14 cars lined up on the road and the have 4-wheelers and all kinds of metal detectors and people searching the yard. I guess we are not the only ones that think Bill didn't just die in his yard. Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Finding Bill!!

Well, our neighbor Bill has been found! A year ago last February I noticed that our neighbor across the street hadn't been around. He was kind of odd, and kept to himself alot. He never came out in the day time very much, but did alot at night. Bill had lots of issues, I think he had been in Vietnam and of course there was that whole Meth Lab that they busted over there about 6 years ago!. I guess very often he called the police worried that aliens were in his back yard. And he was thoroughly convinced that mom was video taping him because of the red light on her sewing machine.

Anyway, there had been no tracks in his driveway and we hadn't seen him in awhile. My sisters and I walked over there and the house was open and everything was right there like he should have been there. We thought it was very odd and so we called the Police. They came out and walked the yard and looked but said they couldn't go in the house. Various times last summer we would walk over there and check on things and wonder, "What happened to Bill?" We called his son but he said that they had a falling out and he wanted nothing to do with his father.

Anyway, Bill has been found. My brother in law walked over there this morning to pick out the cans that were lying in the yard and found what was left of Bill lying by the garage. So, as I type this the forensics team is over there and have been all day.

I think it is so sad that he simply dissappeared more than a year ago and nobody except some neighbors cared. I am happy that he has been found though, it is closure on a very sad life!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jordyn & Lilly Ann Posted by Picasa

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My two guys! Posted by Picasa